Just saw this on my phone from yesterday. Lucy’s face and Mary Jane’s derpy photobomb as I’m trying not to look stupid. Oh my gosh…it’s all so wonderfully stupid together 

Excuse my latté tongue  

Babes in the park.

Can’t take these cute cousins on their girlie outfits and @littlelookershop moccasins   

1 week ago on 11 April 2014 @ 5:00pm + 7 notes

Totally scored at Marshall’s finding fancy dresses for the baby girls to attend @collindupree and @ikarsyn's wedding this May  Scarlett’s, Sophie’s and Lu’s 

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Riding around listening to @maxbemis play the new mixed/mastered @sayanythinginsta record and making really cool faces with a freshly buzzed scull

The sister mamas and their babies. Me and Lu, @stacyking88 & Scarlett, @jessiedupree and Wolf, and @chauntelled with Sophie and Kayla. 

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Heaven on earth. 

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Selfie of me stoically and mournfully taking down the fun birthday decorations from Lucy’s party a week later. Why can’t we always have marshmallows hanging from the ceiling?

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