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It’s about time to re-pink!  (I also suffer from a bad case of rarely being able to take myself seriously enough to NOT make a stupid face in a selfie)

Sleepy baby girl after errands earlier today

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Oh gentulmeyun, gentulmeyun, no need to fight ovah little ol’ ME…Anyone who’s evuh known me knows ahm Paul’s gurel! 

The teensy tottering tot toddled down the aisle. 

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The first issue of my husband @maxbemis's new comic #EvilEmpire came out today! It’s the first of 16 issues. Go check it out!! #MaxBemis @boom_studios #ProudWife 

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Hello! Just doin a little playroom organization while the babes (husb & daught) nap 

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Eisley @ The Boot & Saddle - 4.5.14 (by The Swollen Fox Music Blog)

Photos by Wendy McCardle

Just saw this on my phone from yesterday. Lucy’s face and Mary Jane’s derpy photobomb as I’m trying not to look stupid. Oh my gosh…it’s all so wonderfully stupid together